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The Parrot Group, Inc., established over 28 years ago, is a privately-held, health care investing and innovative solutions company that builds highly profitable relationships between medical providers and ultimately insurers.
Parrot is presently contacting strategically placed independent medical practices.
Happy Physicians + Happy Staff = Happier Patients + Best Outcomes for All
We infuse capital into medical practices to create places where physicians and support staff who provide care to patients are appreciated and generously compensated.
The Reason Is Quite Simple
An ever increasing amount of money is being left on the table by many, if not most practices. That elusive money is nothing short of newfound profits that can be harvested with an adequate infusion of funds, innovation and assistance.
David Beats Goliath
"When it's all said and done, we turn the select grapes into bunches and bunches into the vineyard." Parrot builds rewarding places for physicians and support staff to provide optimal care for patients. Such environments are built with unique, patented advantages by infusing capital into medical practices to produce strength in numbers, superior outcomes and decreases in patient spend which ultimately command financial respect at the gain-sharing table with insurers.
Guaranteed Physician Earnings
Parrot guarantees physician earnings and unprecedented profitability. Parrot capital infusions far surpass the paltry amounts top health systems are paying for practices - when they pay anything at all.
Consider These Facts
We are targeting an extra six figures in profits per year per practitioner.

Albeit with limited information, see for yourself how Parrot's model is superior...
  • Parrot infuses the capital for operational improvements going full at risk. Parrot assumes all of the financial risk so that you do not have to.
  • Parrot pays to get rid of the manufactured chaos. Physicians and staff begin living better.
  • You never pay a dime for the infused capital because Parrot only gets a return from newfound, excess profits - profits that you would never have otherwise realized. Never pay a penny from what you are currently earning.
  • We create additional profits that pay our own way and provide products and services to you for free - no strings attached.
  • Parrot guarantees physician-owner wages. You get paid first.
  • Parrot guarantees substantially increased profitability with a better than money back guarantee.
  • There are no up-front fees or any other nonsense.
  • You maintain full ownership - as you should.
  • The Parrot relationship model puts Parrot squarely on the same side of the equation with you - unlike with vendors, that which is good for your practice is good for Parrot and vice versa.
  • You maintain your own Tax Identification Number - as it makes no sense to give up your identity prematurely.
  • The relationship is mutually terminable at will. At any point, if you are not pleased with the way things are going - stop. No harm; no foul. That is mutual respect and confidence!
Were You Contacted?
You may be reading this because you were contacted to arrange a discussion with the leadership of The Parrot Group. Our meetings with physician owners of practices are strictly confidential and each is sheltered by a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Please arrange a time in order to discover how Parrot will benefit you and your practice.
Contact Us
If you were not contacted and would like to learn more about our model, please provide us with your contact information.

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